has landed some leaked images of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

If you’ve been following the story at all, recently a terrifyingly ugly Michelangelo Halloween costume hit the web, and fan reaction was deservedly antagonistic. Left to just my devices, I’d say any and all Michael Bay projects should be met with the same level of resistance, but John and Matt are Bay apologists so I can’t drop that blanket statement on behalf of the team.

Where was I? Oh, right –  so the images below are the pics got hold of, and as a TMNT fan myself, I think they’re fine. The turtles have had so many faces throughout their history, its impossible to say something is or is not true to the comics. Their stocky, hunched over look doesn’t immediately lend itself to what I’d expect from agile, free-moving ninjas, but I’ll reserve judgemnet until we see some actual footage.

As for Shredder, he’s a bit over the top, isn’t he? Does he take all of his sharpness off when he sits down to write a memo or eat his lunch? Personally, I think it’s a better design than the Shredder from the 1990 film, but again, actual footage may sway me one way or the other.