A few years back, Nike released a version of Marty McFly’s super hip high-tops from “Back to the Future 2,” but if you remember, they were missing one especially cool feature — power laces.

mcShoeBack in 2011, Nike created BTTF2 replica sneakers and then auctioned off 1,500, donating all proceeds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. In the end, the shoe enthusiasts spent over $6 million, and earned their place in the cooler-than-Travis history books. For the record, most of you are already on that list sans high-tops, so I hope there was more to the purchase than just that particular bragging right.

Regardless, Nike is back with another Marty McFly announcement, and this time, they’re not skimping on the future. According to solecollector.com:

“During an appearance at the Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab space in New Orleans earlier today, designer Tinker Hatfield was asked about the possibility of seeing power lacing next year, and his answer may surprise you.

“‘Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!’ said Hatfield.

“So there you have it. The man himself confirming that we will be seeing power laces again in 2015.”

Sole Collector goes on to point out there’s no confirmation on whether the new power-laced shoes will be from the film, or if this is just a direction the company is moving towards regarding higher-end shoes. But who cares? If we can take tying shoelaces off the list of things we need to teach our kids, I’d say we’ve done a pretty tremendous job as a culture. OK, that last part was a bit cheeky, but I’m still pretty excited