Thanks to a tweet from T.J. Miller earlier today, we now know who director Tim Miller has chosen to play Deadpool’s best friend and obligatory Geek affiliate, Weasel:

T.J. Miller will be joining Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin for the project, set to be released next February.
If you’re not familiar with Miller as an actor, it’s because most of his work has included voiceovers for films like “How to Train your Dragon,” and “Big Hero 6.” However, TV enthusiasts may recognize him as Erlich from “Silicon Valley.”
Like many of you, I’m still pretty torn on this project.  Tim Miller is pretty much a first time director, Reynolds is still trying to dig his reputation out of a series of bad decisions, and the release date for this is in February, which usually means the studios have no faith in the project.
But then there’s that confangled test footage. If the movie turns out to be a 90 minute extension of that leaked video of 2014, how can it not be fantastic?
T.j. Miller sounds like a smart decision, so I’m adding him to the pros side of my list, but I’m still sitting on the cautiously optimistic couch until we get further details.