IMF HEADQUARTERS — Not many people would have expected the Mission Impossible franchise to recover from the disastrous “M:I 2,” but not only did it survive, we’ve received two great films from it.
Yes, the second film is tough to even talk about, but J.J. Abrams made was likely the best film in the franchise up to that point with “Mission: Impossible III,” but the box office returns weren’t great. Thankfully for us Paramount decided to let Tom Cruise take another stab at it and director Brad Bird gave us “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and the world will be forever grateful.
Now, that I’ve set that all up in effort to boost my word count we now have the first official trailer for the latest installment in the franchise along with a title, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.”
The new trailer has us excited to see the gang back together with a few new additions.
The trailer even gives us a peek at that amazing stunt we saw in a viral video a few months back of Tom Cruise hanging on the outside of a flying airplane. Yes, he really did that. Granted he was strapped in, but still.
“Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” wasn’t due in theaters until Christmas, but the studio decided to push it up to this summer to compete in the summer blockbuster season.
With the track record of the last two films and director Christopher McQuarrie we here at Flix Junkies are really excited about “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.”
The new M:I flick is due in theaters July 31.
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