Podcast listeners know we at Flix Junkies love our “Back to the Future.” Oh sure, we might get into fist fights when we start talking about the sequels, but we all agree the original was magic.

So when word of the “Back in Time” doc came to our attention, we became super excited.

The trailer, which you can watch below, was just released along with the documentary team’s double-dipping kickstarter campaign. Not only does the new trailer premiere footage of some the coveted interviews the team landed, but it also gives us a glimpse of the first working hover board — yes, yes that is reason enough for you to hit play.

On a personal note, I find the back-for-more-of-your-money sell at the end of the video a little disheartening, but I checked out the campaign and there are some pretty sweet rewards attached to their kickstrarter sequel. And, I’ve noticed I tend to put off internal ethical conversations for a later time when sweet BttF swag is sitting in front of me.

But we can chat philosophy vs BttF swag another time. For now, check out the video below. Even if you hate it, you’ll appreciate the BttF guitar theme playing in the background.