fassbender slow westUntil this trailer, “Slow West” wasn’t really on my radar of must-see movies in 2015.

Now, not only am I excited now for the film, but I’m thrilled to finally see a quality movie getting a VOD release at the same time as a theatrical release.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely a theater-loving movie fan. However, I’d also love to see VOD releases gain some credibility. I want the option. Give me a midnight screening of rabid-costume wearing fans for my summer tentpoles, and some PJ’s and a bowl of ramen for my quite, dialogue driven movie experiences.

I also see VOD as a great way for smaller indie movies to make money. There are so many compelling films that either don’t get released near me or hit a single theater months after its initial release. I’d gladly pay $15 bucks to see said movie in my living room.

Regardless, for those of you not yet familiar with “Slow West,” check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.