John texted me this morning to ask if I’d seen the “Southpaw” trailer and my brain registered that as “Did you see there’s a trailer for the Apollo Creed movie?”

No, I totally get it’s stupid now. I mean, Rocky was the southpaw, not Creed, so why did I even think that?

Regardless, it turns out there’s a Jake Gyllenhaal movie coming out called “Southpaw” that looks a lot more like “Raging Bull” than “Rocky.” Only, “Raging Bull” didn’t rely on the one-last-fight gimmick that “Southpaw” is hanging its hat on.

I probably sound like I’m coming down on this movie, and I’m really not. Only, when you think you’re about to see a trailer for a movie about Apollo Creed and you end up watching a trailer for a movie about child custody, I don’t know… I guess I’ll go listen to some James Brown and let you make up your own mind on the trailer below.