goonies2It’s been 30 years since the still-amazing “The Goonies” took to the big screen.

One of the few 80’s classics that doesn’t rely on nostalgia for its repeat viewing value, Mikey and the gang are still as entertaining today as they were back in 1985.
In this part one of our two-part look at the cast, we’re catching up with Mikey, Brand, Chunk, Mouth and Andy. Later this week, we’ll talk the Fratelli’s, Data, Stef, and the Baby-Ruth-loving Sloth.
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Sean Astin may have lead the Goonies back in 1985, but he’s since proven he has the heart of a champion as “Rudy” and traveled to Mordor as Sam in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series.
Lately, most of Austin’s professional life deals in voiceover work for shows like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and DC’s animated “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.”
He’s been married to Christine Louise Harrell since 1992 and the couple has three daughters, all with the middle name Louise.
“The Goonies” was Josh Brolin’s first feature film, and his next movie was just as legendary – “Thrashin’.” If you’ve seen it, you understand.
But after the skateboarding masterpiece, Brolin looked like he was destined for the small screen, appearing in shows like “21 Jump Street” and “The Young Riders.” In the last ten years however, Brolin has emerged again as a superstar, working with the Coen brothers in “No Country for Old Men,” and “True Grit (2010).” He’s also now a member of the Marvel universe as Thanos and has proven himself a master impersonator in films like “W.” and “Men In Black 3.”
Brolin will be reuniting with the Coens again in 2016 with “Hail, Caesar!”
There’s no question Chunk was an essential ingredient to “The Goonies” ultimate success, and as a result, many expected actor Jeff Cohen to be the next big child-celebrity.
However, Cohen only dabbled in acting after 1985, making appearances in shows like “Kids Incorporated” and “Amazing Stories.” Instead of acting, Cohen pursued the business side of Hollywood getting a B.S. in business from the University of California, Berkeley and then graduating from UCLA School of Law in 2000.
Today Cohen focuses on entertainment law and is the co-founder of Cohen & Gardner.
Corey Feldman had been acting for almost a decade when he landed the role of Mouth, at age 14.
Known for a barrage of classic 80’s and 90’s films like “Gremlins,” “Lost Boys,” and “Stand by Me,” Feldman had accomplished by his 18th birthday what most actors hope to have achieved by their retirement.
Unfortunately, Feldman’s personal life derailed his success. In his memoir, “Coreyography: A Memoir,” Feldman details a life of abuse, addiction and betrayal. Today the actor makes guest appearances in music videos and reality television. He also hosts a show on called “Corey’s Angels Talk Live.”
Kerri Green followed up “Goonies” with the lovable coming-of-age film, “Lucas.” Since that time, she’s kept a very casual working schedule as an actress, appearing in television roles every couple years.
In 1999, Green co-founded Independent Women Artists (IWA) with Bonnie Dickenson. Through IWA, she produced, wrote and directed the teen-pregnancy flick, “Bellyfruit.”