In the international trailer for “Absolutely AnythingSimon Pegg is bestowed the power to do, well, absolutely anything by a group of aliens (voiced by the Monty Python guys). If he uses his new ability for good, then great, but if used for selfish or bad reasons, the aliens will blow up the planet.

As we all would probably do if we were given such power, Pegg’s character, Neil, first uses his power to fulfill some selfish desires: the ability to see his good-looking neighbor, Catherine (Kate Beckinsale), through his floor; enhancing his physique; and giving his dog, Dennis (voiced by the late Robin Williams), the ability to speak. Eventually Neil realizes he should be using his newfound power to help the world somehow, but he won’t get it right without a few mishaps first.

There is no US release date yet, but folks in the UK will be able to catch the film on August 14th. I’m always down for a Simon Pegg or Robin Williams film, so hopefully we’ll be able to see it around the same time.

Trailer for your viewing pleasure: