Confession: I have not watched “Jaws” from beginning to end. I’ve seen enough bits and pieces to hold my own in a conversation about the movie, but I’ve just never sat down and watched the film in its entirety. Why? I’m terrified of sharks. Terr-i-fied.
Last week The Hollywood Reporter announced that Fathom Events will screen “Jaws” on the big screen on June 21st and June 24th. So if you’re a die-hard fan who didn’t get to see the great white shark in theaters the first time around, now is your chance. Me? I don’t want to watch people be chewed up by a shark for 124 minutes.
But then I was challenged to watch “Jaws,” and I can’t back down from a challenge of the cinematic nature.
So here’s my before take on the film: Shark terrorizes beach town threatening their revenue from summer time visitors. Shark eats people. Shark attacks are rare, and should not hold me back from watching a film. If I watch this film, I will likely never enter the ocean again, and I love the ocean too much for that.
Here’s the original trailer to freak you out. No? Just me that’s freaked out?
I’ll let you know my thoughts after watching “Jaws.” Like, will I ever look at the ocean the same way?