You don’t really need to think of a headline when chatting about a movie called “Bikes vs Cars,” do you?
The documentary forwarding the conversation about how many cars our Earth can sustain wile also discussing the treatment of cyclists on public roads will be coming to VOD later this year, with a limited US theatrical release set for fall. From the studio:
NEW YORK, NY (AUGUST 5, 2015) – Kino Lorber, Inc. has acquired all US rights to BIKES vs CARS, a new documentary by Fredrik Gertten (BANANAS, Big Boys Gone Bananas) that advocates for bike-friendly cities in the 21st century.
Bikes vs Cars is a documentary about the bicycle and what an amazing tool for change it can be. It highlights a growing conflict in city planning between the bicycle, which supports a diverse city with a human scale, and the car, which engenders urban sprawl and reliance on fossil fuels.
From Copenhagen to Los Angeles via Sao Paulo, director Fredrik Gertten explores the ongoing efforts of bicycle activists, who are fighting for their right to ride on city streets against the combined forces of multi-billion dollar auto, oil, and construction lobbies, who are determined to keep our cities car dependent. BIKES vs CARS is a crie de coeur that will have audiences reaching for their bikes instead of their car keys. A companion app will help cyclists track how much they reduce their CO2 imprint and oil consumption for every mile they ride instead of drive. The app is a campaign tool to support activists and cities to work towards bike-friendlier cities.
Set to have its New York premiere at the Rooftop Film Festival on August 6th, BIKES vs CARS will be released theatrically this fall in New York and Los Angeles with other cities to follow on Kino Lorber’s Alive Mind Cinema label. The theatrical campaign will be supported by a full-fledged community outreach campaign with an emphasis on engaging environmental and bike groups to see the film and support legislation that endorses bicycling. It will have an exclusive TVOD premier on December 10th via Vimeo prior to a wider digital release in early 2016.
The deal was negotiated by Elizabeth Sheldon, SVP Kino Lorber, Inc. and Fredrik Gertten and Margarete Jangard of WG Films. “For those who already embrace bike culture, the film will confirm their convictions,” says Sheldon. “And for those who prefer to drive, the documentary shows how more bike-friendly cities benefit everybody, not only cyclists.” Fredrik Gertten, the director, clarifies, “Bikes vs Cars depicts a global crisis and how every person can contribute to the solution by riding their bike.”
More information about movie is available at and the app is available at or on iTunes: Bikes vs Cars.
BIKES vs CARS was produced by Margarete Jangård and Elin Kamlert for WG Film.
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