HOLLYWOOD — John Clyde started this article with the deeply moving, “Movies we’re looking forward to in 2016, pt.1
If you haven’t had a chance to read, nay, experience his first chapter, I’ll wait here while you click the link above.
Now that you’re back, or if in fact you’ve never left, I’m here to pick up where Mr. Clyde left off concerning coming films for the new year. While it’s impossible to cover every potentially promising project, below are some of the most popular films audiences are looking forward to from July to December of 2016:

The Legend of Tarzan

I was less than impressed by the latest trailer for “The Legend of Tarzan,” yet another telling of Edgar Rice Burrough’s classic novels. However, I’ve been told by more than one person that if I’d just look past the bad CG and generic presentation, I’d notice Tarzan’s overall “hotness” more than sells the coming movie. I’m not sure I ever will be able to look past those other issues, but the cast involved is pretty impressive, so I’m not ready to write this one off just yet.

The Secret Life of Pets

If you’ve ever wondered what your pets do after you leave the house, directors Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney think they have the answer. This animated title has enjoyed some fun, early marketing and will hopefully be a welcome break for families during the hottest part of the year.


You know, I’d be way more excited about this remake if they would just use a different logo. I am hopeful the 2016 “Ghostbusters” will prove naysayers wrong, but even if it’s brilliant, I hate that when I walk outside wearing my favorite Ghostbusters shirt, no one will know which movie inspired me to purchase my faded, retro-gear. That issue aside, it could be fun, right?

Star Trek Beyond

The first trailer for “Star Trek Beyond” enjoys a very different vibe from the previous J.J. Abrams chapters. The cast from the last two films are back, as is writer Roberto Orci, but this time they’re being led by director Justin Lin of Fast & Furious fame. Hopefully swapping for a hyper-stylized director here doesn’t mean “Beyond” will be substituting action for substance.

Untitled Matt Damon/Bourne Sequel

Matt Damon’s back for another Bourne movie, this time sans Jeremy Renner — unless of course there’s some big surprise studios are keeping from fans for the moment. Rumors suggest the sequel will take place in Europe in a post-Edward Snowden setting.

Suicide Squad

What happens when a bunch of DC B-list villains are forced together to carry out a secret government operation? I have absolutely no idea, but I’ll have tickets to find out as soon as they go on sale. Of the many, MANY superhero movies coming out in 2016, “Suicide Squad” is probably the one I have the highest hopes for.

Pete’s Dragon

I know there are people who love the original, but as a kid, I always thought of “Pete’s Dragon” as a cruel trick. Adults would ask children if they wanted to watch a movie about an animated dragon that interacts with real people, which, what kid wouldn’t want to watch that, and then they’d put in some old VHS tape that included an hour of musical melodrama for every 10 seconds of actual Elliott screen time. You’d better get it right this time, Disney!


Based on the Lew Wallace novel, “Ben-Hur: a Tale of the Christ,” “Ben-Hur” follows the story of a betrayed nobleman back for revenge. The story is set against a biblical backdrop and includes many references to the New Testament, including the now-famous meeting near the end, making this one of the bigger faith-based movies of 2016. Hopefully it plays better than “Noah” and “Exodus: Gods and Kings” did for 2014 audiences.

The Magnificent Seven

The original “The Magnificent Seven” definitely has its fan base, but is mostly talked about today because of its all-star cast or because of its inferiority to the film of which is based on, “The Seven Samurai.” This time, Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington will be leading the cast, and director Antoine Fuqua will be out to do for “The Magnificent Seven” what the Coen Brothers did for “True Grit.”

Doctor Strange

Yes, another Marvel movie, but this one stars Benedict Cumberbatch, so it’s still worth getting excited for.


Yes, another Marvel movie, but this one stars Channing Tatum, so it’s still worth getting excited for.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Warner Brothers is so confident in this Harry Potter spin-off, that it has already committed to an entire trilogy. Written by J.K. Rowling and starring Eddie Redmayne, this new story will explore the community of witches and wizards in New York City and is set 70 years before “The Philosopher’s Stone.”

Untitled Brad Pitt/Robert Zemeckis Project

Coming to theaters in November, the currently untitled project directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard is set to take us back to North Africa circa 1942. Judging by the cast, the release date and the WWII backdrop, Zemeckis looks like he’s fishing for some award recognition, doesn’t he?


Disney will be introducing another heroine to the world this year in Disney’s “Moana.” The concept art coming out for this project looks beautiful and the idea of a navigational expert, Moana, teaming up with a demi-God, Maui, to take on high adventure across the ocean could be a lot of fun.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

We’ll need to wait another year before we find out answers to the many questions raised by “The Force Awakens,” but we’ll still be able to get our Star Wars fix this December with “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” From all reports, the film takes place before Episode 4, and follows a group of rebels trying to steal the plans for the death star.

Assassin’s Creed

Has the world seen a good video-game-to-movie movie yet? I know “Resident Evil” has its fans, and I even hear of people who tell me I need to give “Silent Hill” a shot, but the genre as a whole is still trying to find its winning formula. I’m pretty sure that’s all set to change this December when Michael Fassbender finds out he’s been a member of a secret assassins guild in “Assassin’s Creed.”
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