The producers of The Other Side of Heaven announced today that they are celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the release of that movie by debuting a High Definition version of the film on iTunes September 16th.

The Other Side of Heaven tells the true story of a young missionary from Idaho who was sent to the remote Tongan islands in 1954. The movie’s subject, John H. Groberg, later became a General Authority in the LDS Church

“We have been so gratified by the movie’s success since its release in 2001,”stated the movie’s Executive Producer, Mitch Davis. “There was no such thing as High Definition or Blu-ray back then so we are very excited to be able to release an HD version for the first time ever.”

“This really represents an opportunity for us to reintroduce the movie and its message to the entire world,” Davis explains. “The more people who pre-purchase it on iTunes, the more Apple will promote it to new users so we really hope fans of the movie will send a message by buying the HD version and telling others to do so.”